An app every parent, therapist and teacher need to collaborate for their special needs kid.

Keep track of

Work on most stressful
challenges related to your special
need kid and collaborate with therapists/experts.

Design intervention activity
with the help of therapists

Come up with a personalized
intervention activity for your
special needs kid targeting the
specific challenges or needs.

Provide Analytics and
Evidence based intervention

Review the intervention activity
progress within an observation
period and redesign activity if


Measure the progress on your challenges

Tracking data and keep working on challenges is the key to bring progress with your special needs kid.

Personalized Intervention

Service Providers (Therapists/Teachers) can personalize the intervention and assign it to Parents for homework.


Helps service providers collaborate with parents

Design, Review, Revise intervention for a specific challenge in order to ensure best outcome.

How to download
the app?

Go to the respective Appstore as per your device
and download Parentiv app


Parentiv is in beta testing stage for play-store. Please contact at to be included in beta testing.


Parentiv is in beta testing stage for app-store. Please contact at to be included in beta testing.